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Personalised Role Play


I love role-play scenarios. Share your secret fantasies with me, or get an inspiration from my personal favourites:

You make the big decision, and finally you are going to have your first training session. I introduce my self with a smile. I am Kay, your personal trainer. True sadist and a pervert. Which you are about to discover as soon as our session starts.

I am one of the top government agents, trained to be violent, ruthless, merciless. After years of training in Martial Arts I have developed not only my skills and strength, but my discipline, as well as the ability to quickly read my victims in order to lead them to submission. You, a CEO of a big corporation, have been accused of harassment at your workplace, pressure escalating to you stealing money and gone incognito. Everyone has been looking for you for months. I finally find you, I beat you up, tie you down and torture you. You beg me to hand you over to the police, to get a trial. I have my reservations in regards to the fairness of the justice system, by no means I’ll let you get away with it. I am the judge and the executor. You are naked, on your knees, at my mercy

You decide to get some self-defence classes. I am your instructor.

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