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Foot Fetish


These feet are made for kicking as much as they’re made for resting on your face, toes to nose, getting massaged, being worshipped and receiving pedicure sessions.

I have been asked to have my feet worshiped so many times, that I tattooed LICK and KISS on my soles. Just to help the indecisive fellas.

Admire my nicely shaped toes, red toenails, beautiful arch, pink wrinkled soles.

Some like it clean and freshly pedicured, some like it after 3 hours of training and a long walk.

Some like to kiss them and massage them, some like them being forced in their mouth and step on them.

They can be seen in stiletto heels, golden sparkly sandals, Doc martens, sneakers and of course naked!

One of the perks of being very flexible, is that I can do various kicks landing on your face. Tip, side-kick, foot slaps, punishing your face with my lovely feet.

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