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Martial Arts and Domination. Nothing pleases me more than combining 2 things I love. It can take many different forms.

A playful wrestle, where we are having a rumble and I’m getting you in various holds, pins, chokes, face-sitting, light ground and pound. After you might perhaps want to check my kick boxing skills. I give you a pair of gloves to protect yourself and the fun begins: jab, cross, hook, low kick, hook, knee, knee, head kick….until you say mercy.

You like it rough and you think you can handle it? Why not try a full-on, full-force beatdown. Again, with a pair of gloves to protect yourself, you run for you life, trying to escape my strikes. Kicks, punches and knees, non-stop until you reach the ground. Then pinned, restrained, and played with: spanked, fucked, sat on and humiliated. Winner does whatever she wants to the loser after all.

Most popular type of sessions is a mix of all the above. Start with soft and playful wrestle, warm up and slowly build up faster and harder. Adding pins and strikes until you loose yourself under the blah blah. Belly kicks, side kicks, spinning-back, I’m really into my kicks and I have great control. I can hurt you, I can hurt you more, but I will not injure you.

For the foot lovers: One of the perks of being very flexible and a good kicker, is that I can do various kicks landing on your face. Tip, side kick, foot slaps, barefoot of course, with my lovely feet punishing your face.

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If you want to book a competitive sessions you will have to state your weight and your experience. I am not taking competitive bookings from people with no martial arts experience and that weigh more than me. I will not risk an injury that will put me out of work and disrupt my daily life for any amount of money.

I weight 62kg and I am 167cm,

If you book a semi-competitive, or domination session and start acting competitively, I will pause the session to give you a warning. In the second warning I will stop the session and keep the money.

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