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About a session

Receiving this review made me smile, in the same way I smiled during the 2 hours that I spent with this individual. Not sure if I’ve said it enough times, but I love my job and I love connecting with people and sharing intense experiences with them.

“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Miss Kay O, but where to start?

Should I start by saying that she truly understands pain? The giving and the receiving. As a fighter, she knows all about how it feels when a shot lands.

Should I say that she is a warrior? That she is brave? Perhaps fearless? An explorer, certainly.

Should I say that she has an artist’s eye and an artist’s sense of curiosity and creativity? That she is strong, lithe, beautiful and very smart? That she loves what she does?

Should I say that she will smile as she takes you down and rains blows against your skin? And that you may find yourself grinning back at her like a fool (well, I did anyway)? That, by the end of the session, you’ll know that you’ve met a rare and very special person who can make you feel something you won’t ever want to forget?

I can say all of that, and know it to be true.

I visited Miss Kay O near the end of November, arriving at her playspace in the early evening, as the sky turned dark.

She brought me down in every way that I like. Wrestled me to my knees, beat me down with her fabulous arms and legs. She flogged me without mercy, but in exactly the way I had asked.

She posed me on all fours, and danced around me – on her darling feet, with their red nails – teasing, taking aim. Sometimes releasing her whip, sometimes not. Grinning that lovely smile she has. Sometimes delivering a rat-a-tat of strokes; other times, taking aim more slowly, and getting the whole of her body behind her strap. She can hit. She drew sound from my lips.

At the end of our session, she was kind and caring. Made me feel like a person; someone who mattered to her in that moment. She made me feel deeply alive.”



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